What we've built?


Doctrina was created to ensure that medical staff is educated about the latest trends and drugs available - to make sure the medical staff gives the right advice, every time. Doctrina platform is an e-learning platform that enables medical staff to continuously educate on latest topics about prescription and non-prescription drugs.

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Soltec product konfigurator

The construction market is booming again and everybody wants their garden to look as best as it can. On the other hand Industry, 4.0 companies want to bring something extra to their products and thus allow clients to fully customize them to fit their needs.

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Iskratel X10

Iskratel is a leading European provider of communications solutions for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety, and energy industries. Kalmia and Iskratel have joined their forces to develop a multi-platform unified communications VoIP client which is tightly coupled with existing Iskratel UC solution.

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With so much happening in the world right now, it’s hard to read news articles online, and not feel the urge to do something about what you just read. The IFA system is designed to connect that motivation with concrete outlets for it. IFA features a really smart suggestion engine, that observers the articles you read and suggests opportunities to impact the causes you care about.

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